2020 Poulsbo Fall Photo Contest
The category winners are:

Gratitude: Click here for winners#2 Photographed by Catherine:

02 Gratitude

The back story: Catherine stated she was full of gratitude for her cousin (Cliff's nephew) who is a missionary in South America. Her cousin and wife drove from LAX, taking many hours, to visit with Cliff, Mary, Catherine & Geoff- even if only for an hour in the midst of a pandemic!

Pumpkin Carving: #6 - Photographed by Dick

Pumpkin Carving06

No backstory was provided by Dick, so I (Judee) made up this one... Who can resist a well focused, bright blue, Cookie Monster carved Pumpkin--especially with "COOKIES!" in his mouth? Did you create it, Dick? Or found it on a neighbor's doorstep? I do want to hear the backstory about the flaming pumpkin submitted and then there's George's jack of lantern decomposing in the flower bed.

Costumes: #2 - Photographed by Dan

Scarecrows: #5 Photographed by Judee

Backstory: Our iPad was clipped to George's music stand in the garden. It took MANY shots for me to dash around the raised beds, grab the pitchfork from George and pose...many of which I hadn't pulled down my eyepatch. After being in the garden fumbling for at least 20 minutes...a voice from behind us said "you better pull down that eye patch!" It was our neighbor behind us & voila the winning photo was snapped. We had no idea he'd been watching our antics for some time. At least we provided some entertainment during the process.

Vote 2020: #1 Photographed by Mary

Vote2020 01
Backstory: Mary chatted with George,during their Sunday afternoon call, about the fact that this is the second election that an official ballot for Aline was sent to Mary's home. It was suggested it might be a good subject for the photo contest, and your votes made it so!

Best of Show: #5 Photographed by Judee



Thank you all for participating with your photos and votes.

2020 Poulsbo Fall Photo Contest
2020 Fall Entries
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